Self-Transcendence 50km Race

…’round and ’round you go. 50km in 22 identical laps in the park. 33 degrees and a start at mid day. This type of lap races has been on my radar for ages. The beauty being in the simplicity of having nothing else to do than to run. Round and round. No route to focus […]

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PhD & Ultramarathons

It took quite a while of running, to see the sports compatibility and it’s so to say ‘translatable skills’. Or maybe I should not say ‘it took a while’, but rather ‘it took many runs’. So also the idea for todays post was born during a 20km run last week. The PhD Ultra: For both […]

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2nd season

It’s been a while and quiet here, what doesn’t mean that I have not been running. The writing process on the ‘Limburgh Zwaarste’ is in progress. It was one tough race and hence digesting it, learning from it and summing it up takes me this time a little longer. Following those 80km on muddy trails […]

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Limburg Ultramarathon

A couple of first impressions of the hilly mud spectacle in the south of the Netherlands. I am still digesting the 80km of having to dig very, very deep. I will come back to this place and write more about it to share my experience. Just need a little bit more time , so picture […]

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So, here we are again. We, that is my mind and my body. Welcome to another set of me mumbling along. Another runners monologue. And we are checking each other out. Seriously, deeply, thoroughly. 3.5 weeks left till our next Ultramarathon, the next 100km run. Last weekend was the last long run, 60km of trail through […]

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running flow

The entire attention and focus in on the heart level and above. As if it would be spreading out from there. Actually almost as if a light would actually be spreading out from there. Or something very similar to a light. A very strong radiance I could maybe call it. That has all ability to […]

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How does it feel…?

… to run 100km? Well, it does takes time to comprehend it- that’s for sure. That happened both during the run (think I only got it around 85km that I am actually running my first Ultra 😉 ), as well as now, almost 3 weeks afterwards- as you can see by this slightly delayed blogpost. […]

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Ultra State of Mind

18 days to go till the 100km run. Longest trainingsrun done. Let me sum it up: Sunday morning 6am, catching a train to the Northdowns, starting to run at Reigate at about 8:30am, home again by 8pm. In-between 9.5h of running, walking and cursing the bad signage and hills. First 1-2 h full on rain, […]

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