crosstraining How do you crosstrain? When starting to look into Marathon training & the training plans during winter, I realized for myself that Yoga is an amazing opportunity to cross train! This article gives a little insight… enjoy 😉

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Beautiful north Devon

What better way is there, once you get 3 days off in a row to head out of town to the beautiful British coastline…. Spent my time running and walking and getting inspiration for a longer trip this winter where I am planning on doing the same- running & walking. But more about that soon…. […]

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My runspiration

I have been running by now for 13 years. A short story of how I started 13 years ago from 5min runs to Marathons. This isn’t just a sport, something I do to loose weight or hold it, something I sometimes do- It’s absolutely part of my life. It all started at highschool when I […]

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