My runspiration

I have been running by now for 13 years. A short story of how I started 13 years ago from 5min runs to Marathons.

This isn’t just a sport, something I do to loose weight or hold it, something I sometimes do- It’s absolutely part of my life.

It all started at highschool when I was around sweet 14 or smth. We had a special project going an and went out to the sports ground 3 times a week. As part of this project we all trained running. It was real hard in the beginning and a struggle to even run 5min. So I started as possibly many of you too, with a mix of running and walking, slow, red-headed and out of breath. But somehow I liked it….

And somehow I liked it so much that I started to go on my own after school for short 15-20min runs. It was relaxing and I just felt so good afterwards… That was in the very beginning. My dad used to be a runner himself, so he bought me my first pair of running shoes.

And yes- this is how the story started. The beginning of a long-term relationship and true love.


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