Ultramarathon Runspiration: Lizzy Hawker

There are runners that are just such inspiration- for your run today, your bucket list, your next race, but as well just for life.

One of them is for me Lizzy Hawker. In an runspirational article by Claire Cohen, Lizzy gave some insights into Ultra-running, her training and recent achievements.

She is pretty amazing and incredibly strong-no doubt about that. without much training she was able to not only complete the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, but also to be the first female runner, after 26 hours, 53 minutes and 51 seconds. This was just the beginning and she has since won the race another 5times!

She won just recently the highest Ultra currently held, the Everest Base Camp to Namche Bazar race and won in 10h 37min and 10sec as the fastest female (place 7 overall, after all the amazing times achieved by Nepali runners).

The full article of her in the Telegraph is very runspirational and is available here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/10087146/Lizzy-Hawker-Somewhere-it-just-became-normal-to-run-14-hours-a-day.html

Although I don’t run Ultramarathons yet, I can nevertheless absolutely relate to the way she describes her runs or training. The feeling of freedom, of being out there on your own- even during a 30km (20miles) Winter Marathontraining run one can get into those pleasures.

Absolutely inspirational, and totally runspirational is the section on Lizzy’s webpage where she talks about her motivation to run:

“to be in nature – to strive to do the best I can – to learn more about myself
to be stripped of the trappings of modern life
to feel the freedom of a journey, to be exposed to the elements
to feel rawness, vuneralbility and yet strength in body, mind and spirit
to be ‘mindful’ – to feel the ‘flow’

if the truth of our running is that in our ‘moving’ we find ourselves
then running is the gift that  allows us to know ourselves deeper

if you run for the love of it – then more becomes possible than you might ever have dreamed”


How inspiring is that!

Although I am currently running primarily on asphalt, between cars, busy roads and traffic and whenever possible in greener city spaces, I know what she is talking about. One can get an impression of it whenever one has the opportunity to ‘get out there’. To run on a beach during early mornings, snowed in & untouched landscapes, or as I did recently, through fields close to the Alps, where dears where standing not too far away and watching me pass…


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