Hello summer, hello runner!

Dearest Summer, dearest runner-

how do you combine the two?

I mean- look at that: http://www.timeanddate.com/weather/uk/london/ext

So do you crosstrain? Like non-stop? 😉

I have to admit I am an absolute winter runner. -5 to 10 degrees are my personal running comfort zone. the lonesome winter runner. No sweat, no fuss, no company. No one else wants to join you and your colleagues think your nuts.

As I am currently on a Halfmarathon trainings plan (HM under 2h) I can’t do what non-running friends suggested: ‘just don’t run whilst its so hot’ hahaha… good one when its hot for 4 weeks non stop.

This morning I went out in 20 degrees- and survived. The air feels heavier and of course I got thirsty. I took it altogether slower than usual and did not do any fartlek/sprints inbetween as I felt slightly dizzy already.

My current trainingsplan has 4 running sessions plus 1 crosstraining session. I decided to adjust it to the heat the following way:

fartlet has to be short & sweet, early in the morning (30-40min)

the two 45min runs that can be slow I do in the morning ( a new way of tanning)

the long run per week (currently just over an hour) I do in the pool —> swimming

crosstraining: an hour yoga


So far this works perfectly. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to run 1.5h in that heat. On the other hand, as much as I like swimming, its not smth I would like to do more then once a week. So far my plan works out perfect. Fit and tanned is the result. Highly recommendable.

…but I am glad that I finished my spring marathon and I am currently ‘only’ training for a new PB and a halfmarathon….

enjoy the summer dearest runners!


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