Your training is making you slower….

Your training is making you slower….

Sounds surprising but I am sure you know the feeling:

Especially when you’re training for something specific, a new PB, a HM, or Marathon- you’re pushing really hard, training a lot, not missing a session on your training plan. And even though you are doing everything ‘right’ you seem to go backward.

Maybe those of you who play an instrument know what I often experienced: you get a new piece, push really hard to learn it as quick as possible. If you then give yourself a little break of let’s say a couple of days and afterwards you go back to your instrument, somehow almost magically you got better then you were when you finished your last training. You just gave a little bit of space and rest for things to settle….

Something quite similar can happen whilst training. The article on by George Anderson gives some interesting insight in why this is happening… rest is key!

Enjoy the article and your well deserved rest days 😉

How do you rest and how do you crosstrain?


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