I have a dream- DIY

  Or how others would call it- a bucket list. And on this list ultra running is present in big fat print. I was trying to become a volunteer for an Ultra in Asia but unfortunately they got enough people for this year. So what to do- gotta run. The Ultra itself is too expensive […]

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Race to the Stones

Race to the Stones Look at that race! How beautiful…. how runspirational! Has any of you run it before? it looks absolutely amazing and was recommended to me to be an exceptionally well organised Ultra….  but who knows- reckon I will have to try it out & give you guys a review?

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running out of town

My friends planned a weekend on the seaside and I decided to join them for a day. Got my big bag-pack on me, assuming it would not raise any questions as everyone else stayed over night and had therefore sleeping bags on them. My bag was that size- have a guess 😉 Yep, full of […]

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Friday runspiration

…although my friends might think I am crazy about running, they know that it’s generally always a better idea for me to actually go for a run. Or as one friend said the other day: ” you got such different energy on days you went running”- yep- that’s how it feels for me too 😉 […]

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