running out of town

My friends planned a weekend on the seaside and I decided to join them for a day.

Got my big bag-pack on me, assuming it would not raise any questions as everyone else stayed over night and had therefore sleeping bags on them. My bag was that size- have a guess 😉

Yep, full of running stuff. Actually basically only full of running related stuff and nothing of those things I would have maybe needed like sun-cream, or an extra jumper for that windy beach. 

Being used to city runs, traffic, using runs to commute or just generally being used to quite limited views and especially limited space it was just so extraordinary nice to run along the beach.

The peer in Brighton is very inviting and although busy, the moment you leave the town centre it clears up. Together with a friend of mine we did a short 5k interval session from Brighton towards Hove and it was rather lovely.

Wonderful running conditions, around 20 degrees, dry and windy. Bit unpleasant for simply hanging out on the beach but perfect for a run.

And instead of a shower the sea was more than inviting….

I really hope that I will manage more often to leave London for running day trips. Especially once I need to cover again longer mileage.

Where did you run this weekend?


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