I have a dream- DIY



Or how others would call it- a bucket list. And on this list ultra running is present in big fat print.

I was trying to become a volunteer for an Ultra in Asia but unfortunately they got enough people for this year.

So what to do- gotta run.

The Ultra itself is too expensive for a little unsponsored running addict. So I reckon I go the other extreme. DIY

Starting off with an official Halfmarathon to warm up, crossing the border into Cambodia and start running. That’s the plan. The plan-less plan so far. Unsupported female solo. Got about 3 weeks. If I can I will run, if I have to I will walk. If I will feel inspired by a place I will stay. If it’s too risky I will use public transport.

I thought its about time to share my dreams with you. More to come soon. For now I just want to run. More. And get ready for the adventure.


And here some inspiration from someone that completed the race: http://www.outsider.ie/Features/May/Pounding-Cambodia%E2%80%99s-ancient-Khmer-path.aspx


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