10k women’s running race

10k women’s running race

Do I need to train for a 10k event? Of course not… it was just supposed to be a little check to plan my posible PB for the Halfmarathon in October…. so I took it easy. Way to easy.

Cause these 10k weren’t easy, but hills. Only hills. But this I only noticed once I got there. Yes, London has hills (note to myself: read race report more carefully even if it’s ‘only’ a 10k), especially North London… so I learned.

It was a women’ only event, as the name suggest and one of these bubbly, colourful and fun runs for everyone- from competitive types to newbies. A friendly, wonderful Saturday morning race I can recommend. 

I planned on aiming for a new PB (last 10km race has been 3 years ago and was 59min).

Despite the hill I became 52 out of 621runners with a PB of 51:55min.

Despite having done no hill training since probs March. 

And it wasn’t fun.

But now I am confident for the next (flat course!! yeah!) HM in October as my average speed was 5:12min per km. Could be worse.

…and next time I shall read the race description. 10km of hills can feel loooong….


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