Garmin Forerunner10 Product Review

I am currently trying out the Garmin Forerunner 10 and as there are so many watches out there and it’s sometimes confusing, which one to choose and how much cash one really needs to spend to just get what one needs/wants, here a quick review:

Some basic information:

Colour: The watch comes in green, pink,purple, orange and black. 

Damage: £99.99


It shows you time and date, average pace, calories, distance and time.

As simple as that. Nothing more and nothing less. Super easy to use and one of the most basic, yet reliable running watches.

It literally does the job- that’s on the plus side.

On the minus side of things the battery length (if fully charged) it only sticks with your efforts for 4, max 5h. Sorry, dear ultra friends. Not fully charged it was tempted to give up on me during a 25km run… sad story, but true.

Personally I quite like that it works in laps of 1km, so it makes it easier to train for a negative split, i.e. being quicker the second half of your run.

It’s enjoyable but I wouldn’t actually buy it. As I am planning on longer runs in the future, I would rather immediately opt for a more advanced model. 

Enjoy your training & runspiration 😉


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