Royal Parks Halfmarathon 2013

Royal Parks Halfmarathon 2013

16.000 runners (up from 12.000 last year), mainly for charity as quite typical for London, 9am start, almost 20degrees and incredible beautiful autumn sunshine! That’s this gorgeous race in a nutshell.

It even won a price in 2011 for being the UK’s best outdoor sports event! So much about that 😉 Absolutely worth applying for (you can pre-register your interest via email & will get a notification when the official registration starts).

Although I arrived well early, due to a toilet queue and some waiting time at the bagdrop area, I had literally 5min left to get into the right funnel. That way I ended up behind the 2:10 pacer and whilst waiting for the race to start I had to literally fight my way through till I could at least spot the first 2:00 pacer (there were two of them).

Therefore my first 2k I spent trying to push forward to be in comfortable position right behind the 2:00 pacer (based on my recent marathon experience I learned that I am not always able to push through hard at the very end and catch up- so I rather preferred doing so in the beginning).

For the rest of most of the race I stayed in sight of the 2:00 pacer and for the last 2km I took over and went through the finish just before the first 2:00 pacer in 1:57h, a new personal best!


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