Charity Run- 1km loops- mind set tester

Yesterday I took part in a charity run where you run 1km loop in the park and for every round the designated charity get’s £1. Toughest ‘race’ ever- for the mind.

I managed to spend my afternoon cruising 35times around the park. Without my friends as support (either running with me some rounds, or being on the site with water and snacks) I would have never made it.

In a 1km loop on a Saturday afternoon in the park there is literally no distraction. Every 6-7minutes you pass by the exactly same people, the same kids on the playground, the same personal trainers giving their classes… the same couples on the bench (one couple sat there for like 2 hours and I passed by like a million times!).

Once you get over that though and your body just runs, it’s incredibly interesting to watch your mind. And to just run. As usual I did not listen to music as I prefer to just really focus on my running.

In terms of training I used the 35km yesterday as a training for my run in Asia. Filled my latest OMM 25l ultra rucksack with 4kg of water and clothing to test my camelbag and fit of the rucksack. Got minor chaffing on the back. That might get quite severe when running in actual hot and humid conditions… bit worried about that to be honest.

Otherwise the rucksack fits very well and I spent 20km running with the 4kg on my back. The next 10km I ran without it and the last couple of km I put it back on to see what’s possible and to just literally use it for training purpose.


Nice day out and I would have never ran that long without my amazing friends!


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