One month to go….

…before I will be heading to Asia.

You know that feeling, when you know that your dreams are becoming reality?

This mix of fear and excitement? Sometimes it is still so surreal that I go back and double check that I actually do have that flight ticket- that this is actually really happening. The confirmation is in my inbox.

And that’s the plan (or should I say: dream?):

Bangkok Halfmarathon


Afterwards I will be heading to Cambodia and start my run there. Currently I am aiming to run about 20-40km per day for at least around 1 week. Solo & unsupported.

I will carry everything I own in a 25l Omm Backpack. According to my contact in Cambodia there is no need to carry much water with me as there are plenty of opportunities to buy coconut water or water on the way. That is quite reassuring in two ways- first of all in terms of dehydration (not planning to kill myself out there really) and second of all in terms of weight of my backpack. Last weeks training run with a full camelbag plus waterbottle and altogether around 4kg weight wasn’t all fun and did restrict my speed and mobility as well as put quite soe pressure on my lower bag as well as hips & knees.

I have by now decided on my route and by chance I found out that exactly this route has been run by someone before. This is actually encouraging for me- so it’s all doable and although far away, my planning (dreaming) seems to be at least to some extend realistic.

Yesterday I bought a tiny solar-mobile phone charger and my waterproof map of Cambodia arrived by post.

—–To be continued….dreaming on—-


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