Birthday run

Birthday run

Sometimes it’s good to stick to traditions, especially birthday traditions…
This year I took an extra day off, due to tradition- to run my longest run yet. 44km on a beautiful Thursday morning, down the river and back.

Last long run before my personal little Holiday Ultra in Asia next month.

Very good chance to check on my equipment- was wearing by Omm 25l backpack, as well as my new Gore 3/4 trousers, 5 finger socks for a change and testing the anti chafing body glide. And all of it, in combination, just worked out extremely well.
No blisters, toe nails still there & happy, no chafing from the rucksack or trousers… happy birthday girl 😉

The route down south bank from Putney I can strongly recommend. It’s a quiet, green dirt track, most of it completely off road.

For whatever reason I took only 500ml water with me (and for whatever reason I did not stop and just simply buy more)- dehydration hello there!
In retrospect it was probably the best training I could have done for an Ultra in very hot and humid conditions, were hydration is crucial and dehydration can become so quickly an issue.

I learned to run up to 3h on an empty stomach in the past, and know my limits in terms of food. I learned and trained this spirng what I can have for breakfast before a run as well as during and trained myself to even eat sandwiches whilst running as well as to leave straight for a run after a meal (thinking- if I can eat a peanut butter sandwich whilst running, rice will work as well, right? I will find out & let you know…).
So now I also know how it is to be absolute dehydrated, to an extend that you feel that even if you wanted to cry, you couldn’t.

In terms of recovery this run made me most confident that an Ultra is possible. A lot of water food and a 20min nap, and apart from being a bit tired I felt great. Slightly sore the next day, but what to expect after 5:15h of running 😉
And enough energy to dance all night next day- it’s been my birthday after all.


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