Running in Cambodia

Is maybe not running “through” but running in Cambodia wasn’t so bad either today. Absolutely everyone cycles here and even in the most remote countryside you will find cycle shops. I was pleasantly surprised to see people exercising in the evening (public outdoors aerobic classes are a biiiiig hit here! I hope I ever manage […]

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Ready to run?

Two days ago I arrives in Siem reap. The city is incredibly touristic and far away from anything I have seen of Cambodia that far. In a nutshell: there isn’t anything you can’t get here (this includes cider, aka pre run nourishment for body, but mainly for the mind). Yes, the mind. No, arriving in […]

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Bangkok Halfmarathon

Last Sunday was the 26th Bangkok marathon, starting at 2am and I took part in the but more humane version, the halfmarathon at 4am. The in humane timing due to the heat, extraordinary sunshine and humidity of the day… The race fell on a full moon and as sunrise is currently at around 6am we […]

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