10 days to go…–> finalising my ultra equipment

… before my running trip in Asia.

Visa & vaccination sorted.

Last training runs to keep up in shape before I am trying to run those 250km.

Will use the Bangkok Halfmarathon mainly to acclimatise and give myself at least one week after landing before I start my personal journey.

My pack list so far:



Brooks Ravenna

2 twin skin socks

1 five finger socks

2 sport bras

1 pair of running shorts

1 gore 3/4 trouser

2 running t-shirts

1 running vest

2 non-running shirts

1 non running trouser

running cap

flip flops


1 hoodie

1 waterproof running jacket


personal bits & bobs:

first aid kit (mainly bandages,etc… as you can imagine 😉 ).

anti malaria kit
anti chafing cream (body glide)

mosquito spray


soap, toothbrush & tiny toothpaste 

30g of kyta-creme (pain relieving)

aspiring, ibuprofen, imodium



running bits & bobs:

electrolytes (10 sachets)

2 post run vega powders

3 fruit bars


other equipment:

solar charger




map of cambodia

cambodia guide book

tiny thin little novel

water-filter bottle (filters 99.9. of everything)


head torch

note book & pen


And that should all go into my 15l Omm backpack.

Test-packed last week and there was still a fair bit of space left. Almost ready to go- inside out. Nervous, exited, can’t wait.





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