Ultramarathon running, unanswered questions-

One week to go before I head towards Asia, and damn close to my first Ultra.

You can imagine the amounts of questions and question marks bubbling up in my head…jez, I am telling you 😉

On the other hand I did my homework, read what’s there to read about Ultras, running in the heat, solo unsupported runs, studied all you guys amazingly helpful blogs and you packing lists. On the practical side of things I got it all- the scale an my 25l Omm bag are waiting at home. Let’s see, if I will manage to keep my bag down to 5kg for this 5week long trip…any bets are welcome 😉

And everything else will stay a question mark till I get there…

how will it be? where will I stay? how will I cope with the heat? what will be the biggest challenge? how will be my route? how realistic is the entire trip? and of course, how many toenails will I still have once I am done? (kidding 😉 ).

And I will have to leave these questions out in the open (and many, many more questions…) and maybe I can come back to this post and answer some of them….


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