Bangkok Halfmarathon

Last Sunday was the 26th Bangkok marathon, starting at 2am and I took part in the but more humane version, the halfmarathon at 4am. The in humane timing due to the heat, extraordinary sunshine and humidity of the day…

The race fell on a full moon and as sunrise is currently at around 6am we all started in absolute darkness and finished by sunrise.

There were around 4500 runners as far as I am aware of.


There were very few westerners what gave the race for me an unusual note. It made me even more so realise what I absolutely love about running: this freedom it gives you. To take this though even further, running is for me an absolute expression of freedom.

To see so many runners out there, from many different countries, in all the different colours, sizes and shapes we come in was just such expression for me of how much we all got in common. When we run we are actually all just the same and equal (on a human level, of course not necessarily in a physical/sportive one 😉 ).





One thought on “Bangkok Halfmarathon

  1. Well done. Nice thoughts about running and freedom. Looking forward to following your upcoming adventures here. Good luck! 🙂

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