Running in Cambodia

Is maybe not running “through” but running in Cambodia wasn’t so bad either today.


Absolutely everyone cycles here and even in the most remote countryside you will find cycle shops.
I was pleasantly surprised to see people exercising in the evening (public outdoors aerobic classes are a biiiiig hit here! I hope I ever manage to catch a sneaky pic to show you… It’s hilarious!), and even running. Especially in siem reap where there is the Ankong Halfmarathon in a couple of days.

Overall people stare at me here anyway and I look completely different and don’t fit in anyway- so I might as well run… And show my beyond tomato red face on the road (just before sunset it had 30degrees and over 80%humidity).

It was just so nice to run again!

Got a bit distracted and went off the main road in some pretty poor areas. No pic of that… But also some very nice vies on the way….



Tomorrow I will give it a go and just rent a bike. Please quote me on this- but instead if running I think cycling through Vietnam is the way!


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