Hash harriers of pnomh penh

As running trough Cambodia isn’t possible anymore- the running IN Cambodia story continues.
First running in Kratie (last post), cycling there and elephant trekking in beautiful mondulkiri.

Now I am in the Cambodian capital, pnomh penh. Every Sunday at 2pm the hash harriers meet up at the old (unused) train station. You can’t miss them- they are a colourful bunch of people in all shapes and sizes- completed mix of travellers and people actually living in this exiting city.


By truck we went for about 40min outside the city-


Here we started our run. The route was just under 10km and both fun and a great way to get out of this dusty city. The route had been prepared the day before and the rules where simple:
One dot (sprayed on the ground) means you’re on the right track and “on”
If you see a circle it means: swarm around and find the track…
Finding the track: you split and look for dots indicating that you’re “on”. The first one is “on1”,second “on2” (you shout that out to indicate that you found the track). You need three of them to be sure you’re on the right track.
Sometimes you get two, but instead of the third one, you get to an x sprayed on the ground. Indicating that it’s a dead end and you have to find the path somewhere else.

It’s harder to explain in writing than to do and quite a fun running game. This way we spent 1:40h for the 10km route.


Halfway we had a quick break and a drink. All included in your 5dollar fee.


It’s a bonus if you like beer as the “hash” are quite fond of it and it’s more about socialising then actually running… And again- free beer included in your 5er.

It’s been a fun day out, a nice way to meet some friendly people who actually live here, see the countryside a bit and on top of that even run šŸ˜‰


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