Running in pnomh penh

It’s hot and dusty but to my surprise, running is actually quite popular in Cambodia.
Cycling seems to be the nations sport, used actually still mainly used as a means of transport, especially in the more rural areas.

In the evening, just before sunset around 5pm you can see a fair amount of people going for walks or even runs down pnomh penh’s beautiful riverside.

For this years siem reap halfmarathon as many as 6.000 people took part!

Unfortunately the traffic free stretch on the riverside is pretty short to use for running. Within no time I got stuck on the street in heavy, smelly and chaotic rush hour traffic with not always a proper pavement available to run on.


It’s nice to see though that people actually run here, or play ball games, cycle or join the public aerobic classes. The idea of staying fit and in shape definitely arrived in the Cambodian mind set. Will only be a matter of time before major sport brands will discover this market…
Would not mind at all starting a running club here if I ever get a chance to stay longer in this amazing city! 😉



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