Cycling in pnomh penh with toursanak adventure

Yes, this actually isn’t about running, but I hope it qualifies as cross training nevertheless….

As already mentioned- pnomh penh is not exactly an east place to go for a run- the lack of parks and greenery does make it challenging…. Plus it’s traffic.

So you would think that because of that cycling wouldn’t be much better. I have to say though this definitely depends on your company-
Went out the other day with a team from and guys from and it was just amazing.
Great bikes and they took really good care to get me alive through their slightly chaotic traffic 😉

We went for a relaxed 3h ride outside of town, caught a ferry to an island and back to pnomh penh by ferry. The ride started and ended at smallworld.

Once on the island you’re immediately in complete countryside- small farms and villages and it’s pleasantly quiet… Nice city break!

Really fun cycling and chatting with the guys and if you plan on booking a cycle tour I can fully recommend them!






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