Sharing my passion and taking it further….

14 years of running it is. 

My first breathless rounds on track are almost forgotten (but I do remember that it all started with max 10min…) and I do remember the first time I ran 1.5h about 10 years ago. It was probably the toughest effort I did till then in sport. 

So it’s about time to give something back & share the inspiration. 

The year started with my official qualification as a “Coach in Running Fitness” what basically allows me to lead running groups (and especially be insured for doing so). 

Especially exited I am though to get my first opportunity to train someone this year. Digging back in my own memories of how it was to start running, plus doing a little research on beginners 10km race preparations. I am helping a friend to get fit for her first 10km race and we will run it together in about 2 months time. Twice she is running on her own and one session per week we are doing together, moving step by step (literally) towards the 10km. So far we are at around 5km and tomorrow it’s time for the first gentle interval session plus ‘own-bodyweight’ strengthening exercises (planks, squads ,etc.. you know the drill 😉 ).

We are around 1 month into her training and it has been an extremely rewarding experience! It is so beautiful to see someone discover running and finding all the benefits it contains that are so manifold and can be transferred to so many other areas of life.

Or in the words of my friend: 

“I want to thank you for running, it’s so cool.”

What a runspiration!

enjoy your run


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