I generally like to treat myself from time to time and I find massages extremely helpful when training a lot. During marathon training last year I booked myself in for a couple of full body massages that helped to loosen up tight leg muscles and did wonders.

This winter I decided to try something new and I signed up for a course of 10 rolfing sessions.

Each session works with a different area of the body. Last week I completed the 6th session and I can say that by now it transformed my running style and helped me a lot with body awareness, posture and efficiency. 

How to describe Rolfing best?

It’s more then a massage. Sometimes it does feel similar to a deep tissue sport massage, however it goes so much further than just working with sore muscles. It rather manipulates your body through sometimes weird ways of working with the body (the touch is rather intense, similar to a deep tissue massage, sometimes gentle almost like bowen technique). 

By doing so Rolfing can create sensations of new awareness of your body within your surrounding, body movements as well as body alignment. 

The most amazing thing is: Those experiences stay with you! For example now I still feel during every run the benefits and wok we did in a session in November!!! My entire awareness of how my feet are connected to the ground and of my gait changed completely. As I am currently in a transition phase to forefoot running, it is something extremely useful and precious to me.

Thanks to Rolfing I had last week one of the most beautiful runs in my Vibrams.

Of course these experiences are my own and I am sure that Rolfing is very different for everyone. I can nevertheless highly recommend it and it enriched my running experience incredibly!

Very much looking forward to another 4 sessions 😉



2 thoughts on “Rolfing

    1. True- treated myself to a 15min short massage after the Brighton halfmarathon last Sunday and it was wonderful (and did wonders). Rolfing is rather long term investment… It surely was also thx to it that I did a PB last Sunday…

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