Running Club

Dearest Runners,

happy Easter first of all! Hope you had wonderful spring runs out there! 

I just wanted to share some excitement with you today,I have been running for over 14 years by now and it looks like I might have found a running club! There are many choices in London but it isn’t so easy to find one that fit’s your personal ‘timetable’ and the city is so big that if it’s not either close to your work or home (or even better: both 😉 ), I can promise you one thing: you won’t make it there anyway… sad but true (or at least I know already- I wont’ make it….busy bee)

I have been looking for ages for a club that has decent track training options and ideally tri-training (for the possibility of new challenges and adventures…). And I think I found one 🙂 Hurra

Haven’t signed up but it’s just so exiting… track training, social runs, swimming training and bike sessions, all in my area of work/living. How good is that!

What’s your running cub experience?

Did it make any difference to your running?


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