Mountain Running

The ‘Alpspitze’, starting at 900m altitude, going up to 1575m

Last week whilst on holiday I attempted my first little ‘mountain run’, if you can call it that. Inspired by wonderful people like Emelie Forsberg and other inspiring runners I thought I use the opportunity, once away from pretty much flat London.

It started in a small village at 900m and went up 4.25km to the top at 1575m. Most of it was a very steep tarmac road and the last bit was a mix of meadow and rocks.

To be honest I though it would be one of those days, where after a couple of minutes in I will curse this nutter with those stupid running ideas (aka myself)…
But actually that wasn’t the case. I really enjoyed it and especially up was challenging, but so much fun!

Downhill was rather challenging as it was very steep and I do have to admit, I was sore for days.

No records were broken that day and the 8.5km and 1350m altitude took me 1.37h. However it was a great first experience and I will definitely consider taking part in more hilly/off road races for next year!

Enjoy your running


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