Jog on- one of those loooong runs

I didn’t feel this run whatsoever. But what to do- it’s Marathon Training, isn’t it?

So I tried to motivate me, planned ahead a nice and a little bit different route (extra taking the train out the city for a change of scenery).

It took till midday before I even got out. Thanks to some train delays it took an hour to get out of town. The moment I arrived it started buckets. Do I need to tell you that this didn’t help for anything and surely not for my motivation?

31km of long and tiring running. 

Why am I sharing this?Not to complain, no.

I love running and especially longer distances. I am sharing this to say, that it’s not all sugary sweet sport talk and success stories. What kept me going are the incredible stories of e.g. bepperson and her Iron Man experience and of course my idols in the Ultramarathon scene…incredibly strong women. This are inspiring and strong women who know how not to give up! Thank you.

And of course there are the thoughts of doubts:

How can someone like me even dream of running 100km, if I struggle with 31km? And you know what I do with these thought? Focus on the breath, focus on the hear & now…step by step (literally)…Just cause something doesn’t exactly work out the way imagined is no reason to doubt my dreams.

All it was was just one not so enjoyable run.

However I have to say, the recovery worked out spotless and I am very happy and exited about it as I do treat it as a real sign of fitness.  😉

good luck with your training!


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