Berlin Marathon- 1 week to go

One week to go- literally.

Flight- checked in. An awful 6am start… oh dear. Then heading somewhere to pick up my race number. It’s such early start- I will better wear my beloved Ravennas, before I forget them in all the excitement mixed with sleepiness.

Am I ready?

Well, I had a cold, hell of a cold… that liked me so much, it stayed for over 3 weeks. I decided to push through my long runs anyway, by doing them slower and measuring my heart rate every morning to see if my body gets enough rest and is recovering. And my heart rate recovered to under 50 resting rate. I am very pleased with that and know that I am strong enough to go for it.

Otherwise I am more of a winter runner and used the summer to have fun and be a bit more experimental with my training… running up a beautiful mountain in the alps, running with friends, running groups, family, swimming, more cycling… less strict training plan but just staying active.

On my last 24km training run I had my race goal pace for the average of my run and I am more than pleased with that. It gives me PB confidence.

So yes, I reckon I am ready and strong. Injury free, happy mindset, grateful for this fun set of legs to run on and can’t wait to see all those runners, the crowds, beloved Berlin, music and friends on the way!!!

Runners out there- get in touch if you feel like catching up on Saturday pre race 😉

Enjoy your running


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