Berlin Marathon


It’s done, managed, sorted- wohoooo and with a personal PB!

That’s the long story short. In detail it was a little bit more challenging:

To start with the weather was perfect and it did not rain. However it was absolutely freezing in the morning with 6 degrees and together with 40003 other runners from 180 nations I was shivering whilst waiting till my start block nr 3 was supposed to start. Soon it good pretty warm though with probs 20 degrees.

I have to give the organisers all credit at this point- berlin was immaculately organised and still very relaxed. I can advise though to bring plenty of time pre race- the area like clothe drop off is huge and I did wait at least 20min for a bathroom…

My pace started at around 10.5km per hour and I kept that quite well till km 15. I was very pleased, enjoying the morning sun and scenery and had a very good time and strong run. Then my pace started to drop whilst at the same time I felt like pushing harder. To be honest I thought I went quicker, till I checked my tomom at some point and realised I slowed down to under 10km per hour…that was a first sign to me that smth went not that well and I must have been quite tired.

And I don’t know when it kicked in but it must have been around km 20 when a painful right knee caught my attention. And it didn’t go away.
It was just quite painful from there till the end.

I pushed for my time for a while but had to let go… My goal time wasn’t possible like that. Also I was incredibly thirsty and used every water station. That’s quite unusual for me as I normally don’t drink much at all when running.

I had to walk at some point at water stations, undo my laces a bit further on on the right shoe- my knee kept me in agony.

To be honest with you, the last 3km where quite a fight and tears of relief after crossing the finish.

My friend picked me up and I fulfilled those crazy cravings I had during the run… Coffee (!!!), diet coke and chips 😉
And afterwards a relaxing bath and lots of food plus some pain relieving creme for my knee. And it feels already better today!

Marathons are a distance I deeply respect. Some friends wondered why I would be nervous although I had done a marathon before?!? Yeah that’s why. You never know what will happen!

In my case an incredible, 3 week long cold weakened me plus an exiting but rather exhausting pre marathon week, a 12h work shift on Friday followed by 4h sleep to rush to the airport… Exhausting.

Generally I can highly recommend berlin! A beautiful course, very well organised, flat as promised, great city and many friendly supporters on the way cheering you on. And literally a fantastic sight seeing tour through this exiting capital of Germany.

Anyone else ran berlin? How did it go?


3 thoughts on “Berlin Marathon

  1. Congrats! I can understand your knee pain so good, and the overwhelming moment it should has been for you to take the decision to maybe slow down a little bit! I also had tears coming up when I crossed that finish line. Congratulation again!!!!

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