Halfmarathons in October (Royal Parks and Amsterdam)

After a full Marathon, sometimes Halfs can feel like ‘oh that’s it?’, a lovely feeling I however only get when I take it easy (like in Bangkok last year for example and defo a run over 2h).

After the Berlin Marathon last month I was lucky enough to get a free corporate place for the Royal Parks Halfmarathon, as well as a sponsored trip to Amsterdam for the Mizuno Halfmarathon last weekend.

The Royal Parks Halfmarathon was just two weeks after the full in Berlin. You can imagine how nervous I was about my knee… plus how do you train for it- if you do at all?!?

In the end I took 4 days after Berlin before getting back into running. The rest I just walked a lot in Berlin and enjoyed this amazing city. The week before the Royal Parks I had intense dates with my foam roller (it’s a foam-roller-coaster relationship of love and hate…), on running, yoga and swimming session that week and otherwise rested my legs. As the Royal Parks is definitely my absolute favorite Halfmarathon I was really looking forward to it.

I ran in Brooks Cadence, full forefoot on my toes and absolutely enjoyed myself! The weather was pleasantly cloudy, the crowds great as usual, the route takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of central London! I can highly recommend this race (but it does fill up very quickly and is ballot only (or charity).

I felt it happening whilst running- my tight calfs and having maybe not fully recovered after my Marathon 2 weeks earlier led to my left Achilles not enjoying that run as much as I did. The next two days even walking was very painful but it just had to heal till Sunday. Needless to say no running at all for the entire week and again swimming and yoga instead.

On Friday I headed to Amsterdam to enjoy an amazing weekend with the Mizuno crew in this wonderful city! By then my Achilles was ok but my foot still tense… not ideal. As the marathon starts first, followed by a kids run and a 8km, we had the pleasure to be able to watch the elite runners arrive in the Olympic Stadium! Incredible… moving, touching what humans are able to do! And so inspiring as a runner! Normally I either miss them as I am running a race myself, or I am too far from the finish (like in London). It was very special and a great inspiration for the Halfmarathon that only started at 1:30pm.

This time I went back to heel striking in Brooks Ravenna to rest my Achilles. I managed to run again the exact same time than the week before at the Royal Parks…but I did have to push for it. Although the course is at times quite narrow and the water stations very crowded (and cups, not bottles!) the support is absolutely wonderful!!! Fun djs along the route, lots of people cheering you on and a great mood all the way (even though the Marathon started hours earlier!). Very cool and lots of fun and everyone up for banter 😉

Well again my Achilles didn’t see that banter and was rather grumpy afterwards… shame really. Difficulties walking on Monday… on Tuesday still very sore legs and a swollen Achilles. Went to see a good and gifted friend of mine for Acupuncture and Bowen Technique and the next morning it was much better. Taped my left Achilles now and take a rest of running. It’s heeling well but I will be off running for some days- not easy in this beautiful cold autumn weather!

So it’s officially the  end of my ‘racing’ season… nothing more coming up this year and I am very much looking forward to just one thing: running

No watch, no plan no nothing…

Before I start training for the 100km in May that is 🙂


One thought on “Halfmarathons in October (Royal Parks and Amsterdam)

  1. I hope you’re gonna get better soooon 🙂 Really like to read you!
    I think I’m totally going to start yoga this week. I mean, I say that every week, but this time I really have to do it. Stop talking, start doing. It motivates me to see that it works for you and others!

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