I just wanted to share a wonderful little event with you I attended last night…

I was lucky to get a ticket through a Facebook ultra running group I joined to meet other bonkers-runners out there before I start training for my first 100km run next spring.

Of course the movies were inspiring, the crowd super open and friendly,etc…

One thing that really surprised and amazed me was Sebastien Chaigneau speaking about, how having a job actually helps your running (don’t we all dream sometimes to have the freedom to just run around all day long?!? (please say yes! Otherwise I will look even more bonkers)). How that daily structure can help your running and actually prevent you from over training. Interesting thought!

It was an honour and pleasure meeting someone like Sebastian Chaigneau in person. The way he talks about running (despite being an incredibly fast ultra runner himself), how he describes what drives him, the love for running, the connection with nature and animals… you just want to go out there straight away and run…

Gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation this morning for a charity run-event we did despite London’s most gruelling rain!

Enjoy your running


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