A running addicts confession

After all those races in September & October I had to take it a little easy as my Achilles clearly  did enjoy them less than myself…

When your Achilles is red and swollen and hurts when walking, it’s relatively easy to acknowledge that rest is the best antidote. It was actually so uncomfortable that I did not even feel like running (this gets a special mention, as it hardly ever ever happens…).

So the first week I took it easy, took the entire week off running (only cycling, swimming and yoga for a change) but could not help it and went for a 5km on Saturday. Not ideal…didn’t really help the recovery to say the least.

So what do you do? Take another week off.

After the second week, it was a Friday eve to be precise, I remember walking down my local road after work.  I was incredibly tense and looked for a reason in my mind… was it work, maybe just a long day, let’s blame a man for a change, or any other trouble? Finding none… veeeery strange. It was this kind of mind set, where you would call a friend, cause you really just need to go down the road to the next pub, cause you really need a drink and talk to your best girl friend about what troubles you. Same state of mind, just with no particular reason whatsoever (not even hungry… one enjoyable side effect of not running: I am not eating non-stop! wohooo). I felt like one little running addict, I tell you.

That night I decided to just go running again. No matter what. As stopping is even worse for me. And I have been out for 5 runs since last week Friday.

I feel happy and free and so does my Achilles and I just have to say- I just love running!

Enjoy your winter-weekend run (isn’t it wonderfully cold? Finally!)


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