Maybe some of you remember- I mentioned Rolfing a couple of posts back. By now I am done and went through 10 sessions with my friend and therapist Luke. It transformed my running style and helped me a lot in achieving a better awareness, that’s why I would like to promote it for all runners out there.

I started my Rolfing sessions last year (went for a set of 10) . During this time I was predominantly heel striking, but hoping to change this.

Between the individual session are always 2-3 weeks break, so a lot of miles of running went in between each Rolfing session- a great way to asses the changes and play around with my body feeling, running style and technique.

By now, and after the full set of 10 Rolfing sessions I run up to 2h (or HM races) forefoot in Brooks Cadence and only heel strike in long runs & Marathons. I gained a lot of awareness of my upper body rotation, shoulders and arm movement, even an awareness of my wrists when running (and a great way to distract myself when experiencing fatigue during a long run…)

In the words of my Rolfing therapist Luke: ” If you are a sports person, a performing artist, a runner, a swimmer, or a dancer Rolfing is great for improving your co-ordination and economy of movement. After and even during your 10 Rolfing process you may expect your techniques and results to improve. All of my running & swimming clients reported  improvement of their technique, coordination and increased performance results.”

If you’re based in London or just curious what Rolfing is about:

improvement of their technique, coordination and increased performance results.


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