whistle hustle

Running in the dark. In flashes of light you notice your legs in their shorts turned red. Maybe it’s  cold but you don’t feel it as long as you move. Run.

Slowly the tension starts to be released… decreased. Try to keep my gait as light as possible, not to disturb myself through the noise of my own steps. Running light and as fast or slow as I feel like. Undisturbed.

Letting my hair down. Literally. Cold wind blows through it as the tension that held it together all day gets released. Strongly connected wit childhood memories of galloping on bare horse back through fields of snow.

It made me think of the political side of open hair. It stands for femininity. ‘Letting your hair down’ is even enshrined in our language. And letting your hair down in the wind does feel free, and it softness around my neck is as feminine and wild as it feels.

So don’t whistle, don’t hustle. It’s humiliating.

This is my run. The streets are my gym. This is London, a city I love for giving space for people to express themselves.

And I will be back. Many nights of running ahead. So better get used to it…. Although maybe next time laugh instead of whistle- these leg looked like red lobsters 😉

enjoy your running


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