Time for the review- 2014

It is that time of the year again… time for a little ‘sports review’

Only started using Strava in summer, so it’s almost hard to remember what happened in spring.


In January I started training my friend for her first 10km in March. I used this time to get my Vibrams out once more.  Mid February I did my PB for the Brighton Halfmarathon without having really trained for that one (think I carried a fair amount of fitness over from 2013 and my trip in Asia). Finished my first 10km in Vibrams in March. Afterwards the Vibrams went back into the cupboard (just too much for me on tarmac) and I switched to Brooks PureCadence and PureFlow. That has been technique wise a real revelation for me.


Finally back into Marathontraining! It felt like such relief. I do work better with that little bit of structure… it was a wonderful summer in London and I introduced more cycling and started to combine it with my running. Thanks to Brooks PureCadence and better body awareness through Rolfing,I was by now able to run up to 2h forefoot and only used my ‘traditional’ Brooks Ravenna for my long runs, where I still heel strike. Marathon running went well and injury free. I slowly started to enjoy cycling more and more and discovered in the alps the beauty and joy of mountain running. Something I definitely want to get into. Anyone up to running over the Alps by chance? 🙂 Dream big…right? Anyway- a bad cold hit me mid August and despite being in the most beautiful nature in the South of France, I really struggled. At the Berlin Marathon I did not feel a 100% and it was painful and long.


Straight after the Marathon into 2 Halfmarathon in London and Amsterdam. A lot of fun… and I still feel my sore Achilles today at times. But well, the trip with Mizuno to Amsterdam was an incredible experience- they absolutely spoiled us! Training wise I started to work consciously on introducing weekly swimming sessions as well as Yoga. Got my front crawl up to 3km. For me that is a great achievement as last year summer I could hardly keep my front crawl up for one lane.


Did my first club ride on an Orbea Aqua that someone kindly lend to me. Still commute regularly on my old bike and take the Orbea out for long ones. Went on Christmas day for my first 60km solo ride and absolutely love it. Running wise I did my first long run after the autumn races and went out for 16km. Otherwise more swimming. Really important was for me to find a training’s plan for the 100km run by the end of the year, to know exactly when to start and what to expect.

Here a little impression of my year via Strava: http://www.strava.com/athlete/training/log?utm_source=top-nav

And for 2015?

First I will train my friend for her first Halfmarathon and run it together with her in Brighton!

Whilst I still have the lovely Orbea, I want to make use of it and cycle down to Brighton (but defo take a train back!).

Enjoy the London Marathon, get my medal and run home afterwards.

Get out on those trails… leave London for 1-2 days to get into the countryside and run. Get ready for those 100km that are at the moment still an unbelievable blur.

Continue with swimming as a weekly crosstraining session.

And mainly: continue my love for sports, running and the outdoors.

Many thanks for all your interest in my blog. It’s always fascinating and beautiful, when I see that I got clicks from all over the world… runners from Canada to Ecuador, from Saudi Arabia to Vietnam.


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