London2Brighton Ultramarathon Training- Week1

Monday, Day 1, Week 1 out of 20.

Bring it on!

No new years resolutions needed (at least none concerning training, diet, and a healthy lifestyle that is). Looking at the trainingsplan ahead, its a must- otherwise I won’t make it. And I am so looking forward to it- exited and thrilled (quote me on this one, once it’s up to 50km long runs on the weekend, will you?).

The trainingsplan I want to ‘orientate myself on’ (not strictly follow, but adjust it to my personal work-life-balance) is the one suggested on the London2Brighton webpage.

I will record my training on Strava and will try and keep a log-book via this blog.

Let’s see, where this journey will take me….

enjoy your running 😉


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