Ultramarathon Training mid-week 3 (out of 20)

In the middle of week 3 at the moment.  To be honest I felt a bit like taking it easy this week as it felt like I had been running lots. However I think I rather take my rest week next week.

Feeling comfortable in my Brooks Ravenna 6 (mix of heel strike and midfoot) and still do my mid week runs midfoot in my Brooks Cadence. Started again my version of a ‘paleo diet for athletes’,  inspired by Dr. Prinzhausen. Basically eating carb reduced, except 2 meals before intense training sessions. Always a bit more tiring when in transition, but been there before 😉

Also started taking Fish oil, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Turmeric Extract on a daily basis. In the past Turmeric has helped me with the beginning of plantar fasciitis- it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. To be honest I got the idea as I still feel my left achilles aching, as well as my right knee (both since the Berlin Marathon more than 3 months ago).

Overall though- so far so good… but it’s also all still way within my comfort zone of running & training. Anything up to 6h a week does usually not bother me or affect me much. Can still cram my longer runs in before breakfast on an empty stomach, so also in terms of time they aren’t that consuming yet.

Week 1

JAN 5-11,4h

45minSwimming, 1h Cycling, 3h running, longest run in week 1 was 16km in 1:45h.

Week 2

4:20h only running

monday: 5km; wednesday (double run) 5km & 7km, thursday 5km, saturday 19km

Week 3

Monday: 1h swimming, 1h Yoga

Wednesday: 5km runclub, 8km commute run

Enjoy your running!

PS: The 100km run will be in support of Cancer Research. Please let me know, if you would like to support & I will send you the link. many thanks


One thought on “Ultramarathon Training mid-week 3 (out of 20)

  1. I also bought Brooks Pure Cadence last week! I always ran in asics, and I am really happy about my choice!
    Concerning having a rest week, usually you do it every three weeks so next week should be good 😉

    Enjoy your running too!

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