Week 5: done and sorted and another 15 to go!

5 Weeks past and my Strava looks like this:

55km running, 9h training in total (running plus yoga, swimming and cycling). I felt so inspired and strong that I attempted my first little ‘double’ run by doing a relaxing Saturday evening 10km run followed by a 24km run on an empty stomach this morning.

Dietwise still going strong on the ‘Prinzhausen Principle’: Generally carb-reduced and eating carbs  only 2 meals before intensive training sessions. In practice this means for me usually a carb-rich lunch on Wednesday plus a carb-snack (e.g. bar) before the double run that evening (altogether 12-18km Wednesday eve) and carbs for dinner and breakfast before my long weekend run.

As a friend asked me after my last post about the supplements I mentioned in my last post, maybe just a little more about it:

The inspiration came from the book of Dr. David Perlmutter (very interesting read for anyone curious about Wheat, Gluten, Diet related subjects by the way)

Tumeric- known amongst runners as a natural anti-inflammatory. I had very good experiences when using it after a minor foot injury 2 years ago when I had only 2 weeks left to recover and run a half marathon. I currently use it daily to support my body in dealing with any possible inflammations due to running and my pretty hectic lifestyle.

Vitamin C: Generally to support my immune system and get me strong and healthy through these winter months.

Vitamin D: Well, according to Dr. Perlmutter it is a well known fact that a low Vitamin D level can lead to depression and chronic exhaustion. And I do need a very positive mindset and lots of strength to get me through the next 15 weeks and from London to Brighton 😉

Fishoil- good old, always praised. The omega 3 fatty acids are supposed to support the body in coping with the damaging facts of inflammations runners can experience. I read the other day that it can aid your recovery time as well. Yeah bring it on!

That’s about it for now- for next week I will try and keep my mileage similar- although the long run might be a bit longer… close to 30km. All going well though.

Had a great sessions of acupuncture for my knee today and feeling much better. Thanks to a great and gifted friend!

Adjusting my training to my generally pretty busy lifestyle will continue to be challenging, so I will try and have 2 intense weeks, followed by an easy one (instead of the usual 3 weeks intense, one easy( Let’s see how that will work out.

Enjoy your running!


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