9.5 weeks – Ultramarathon countdown

It’s been a while. Last entry here has been ages. And I know why. You know, when you reach a point, where you don’t even want anyone else’s opinion anymore… when you over-discussed it, got yourself to the peak of confusion… plus injury central.

Surely the last place I want to write and share smth from.

It’s a bit odd when you’re in your head training for an Ultramarathon, in reality however you cant even run 5km pain free, can’t even walk stairs at work anymore.

Interesting, I would call it 😉

Now I am back on track, following my trainingsplan and just finished 25km this morning before work (painfree!).

There have been outer ‘things’ that surely helped. By this I mean diet, stretching, foam rolling, epsom salt baths, no long runs for 2 weeks (plus one week no running at all) and supplements. Kind of what I mentioned in previous posts.

The main difference has been a change of mind set. I realized that it is not just about running 100km. I actually want to run this specific one. I actually want to run from London to Brighton. And no matter what, I will be there on the start line to at least have tried it.
Luckily if everything goes totally wrong I can decide the night before the London Marathon to transfer my place to 2016. So no pressure on this one at all… And especially no stress about it. Cause well, you know, I don’t think a knee injury really is very impressed by someone over-worrying. And well, the Ultra I can’t move to next year, payed for it- so I will just try my best to get there.

One major change and smth I want to share with you is that I am not running the Ultra alone. Instead it will be side by side with someone incredibly dear to me.
I love running and I am very protective about my runs. Last year when training my best girlfriend for her first ever 10km I got into running with someone… those social runs where you chat along and catch up. But all my long runs where still ‘mine’.
And now I found someone I really enjoy running with… it’s beyond all expectations. Well, you don’t think that someone actually seriously want’s to join you for a 100km run, do you?

So, back on track…
super happy and really enjoying my training at the moment.

enjoy your running!


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