Mind over matter


As I have been lucky and clearly more running than blogging…the last couple of weeks revue in one post:

How many weeks to go? 7 maybe? I really enjoy planning, so the perfect plan was ahead:

Weekend off, Saturday about 30km trail running in the Southdowns, hills and all, out in the country. What a lovely plan. Nasty weather, yet great plan. Followed by a Sunday Back2Back run of about 15km.

In reality it was rather:

Run home, sore throat, wake up with a ‘swallow over a mountain feeling’, work, come home and crash at 9pm on a Friday… fever dreams of Southdowns rather than actually running them on Saturday. Rest day here we come.  Hello there, Mrs flu

Well, just don’t tell my mum I reckon- but I have the idea that as long as I got no more fever and no heavy coughing is going on, all fine to run…

Sunday morning, despite a little rain and wind gusts a great friend popped in for a friendly, chatty 15km run through the Royal Parks (you might have seen us laughing whilst running  🙂 ). It’s been so good to be out and I felt actually better after my run. Definitely good enough to head out first thing Monday morning for my first experiment of Back2Backs (basically one long run followed by a mid length one (or this time the way around rather)).
Despite feeling week and having been sick all week, I went out for a 35km run that morning. First experiments with back2backs.

The weekend after the idea was to run 35km. But then there was another park to show… and just so enjoyable… so it turned into 42.4km. And I can tell you, it feels amazing to run marathons in training. Especially when you run with someone you just love spending any minute with!
The day after we went for a slow and hilly 5km on an empty stomach. More as an experiment to see what’s possible.

The week after I was in the Alps and using every possible hill. So not much distance covered that week but overall a lot more rest, swimming and almost every day a hilly trail run (in amazingly fresh air.. such treat after London!).

Last weekend we took the train out to Guilford and ran from there on the NorthDowns trail to Boxhill and back. 55km covered- proud and happy 🙂
It was amazing to be out in the lush and green British countryside. The trail was rather hilly, lots of slow rolling ones and only around box hill rather steap inclines. Really good day to test nutrition as well (potatoes boiled in salty water were amazing!).
Absolutely stunning day out, felt happy and relaxed afterwards.
It was interesting to notice how much slower one is on trails, the 55km did take us 7h!
Based on this run, the Ultra will take the expected 14-15h.

Went out the next morning to get another B2B run in. Played it safe and stayed at one of my local parks and covered 15km in most beautiful London spring sunshine. Felt slightly dizzy (and hungry!) but muscle-wise totally relaxed legs and finished the day with a 90min Yoga class.

Peak-weeks are at about 85km of running a week, overall around 11h of training.

4 weeks to go for the Ultramarathon…
but first:
London Marathon this weekend! So exited 🙂


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