So, here we are again. We, that is my mind and my body. Welcome to another set of me mumbling along. Another runners monologue.

And we are checking each other out. Seriously, deeply, thoroughly. 3.5 weeks left till our next Ultramarathon, the next 100km run.

Last weekend was the last long run, 60km of trail through beautiful forest. It was tough at times but it went totally well. By that I mean no injuries, no chafing, no blisters, no dramas, only sweat and no tears. 30km in and the same way back and both ways took the same amount of time. Over such distances it can get pretty difficult to check your actual pace, so to realise that we (mind, body and running and race partner in this case 😉 ) shuffled on at one constant pace was great.

Are we ready? Well, in a way it doesn’t even matter, as trainingswise it is literally too late and time for tapering. So let’s focus on the positives:

Time and pace and the last 60km run wasn’t too bad at all and makes our race strategy quite realistic (to get the first 50km in within 7h to have 9h left for the second half). Eating & hydration worked out well in training and I think we found a good way to eat something small every 30min. By having shared hours and days running and training together on trails, we got to know each other even better and are able to support each other whenever it gets tough (and luckily it’s always one of us at a time…). The 60km we did on a trail we have been to before for a marathon distance. It was beautiful to see how much fitter we got in the last six weeks and how much smoother we ran. I find it pretty difficult to judge my own running development, so sometimes it’s nice to have a direct comparison by running/racing the same trail.

Well and to be honest, we did 60km together, happily and relaxed… and it’s only one more marathon more for a 100km… and we ran so many of those together.

Dearest we’s, can’t wait to run with you again!




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