2nd season

It’s been a while and quiet here, what doesn’t mean that I have not been running. The writing process on the ‘Limburgh Zwaarste’ is in progress. It was one tough race and hence digesting it, learning from it and summing it up takes me this time a little longer.

Following those 80km on muddy trails I took 10days off entirely. Then I started to ease back into running, but for altogether 5 weeks I never did more than 10km. My resting heart rate was absolutely upside down after the Ultra and I felt mentally and physically quite depleted. Used those 5 weeks to get my blood checked, sleep more, enjoy weekends off and wonderful time with friends without ‘having’ to train, as well as regular Yoga sessions.

And now it’s time for the 2nd season. A new experiment of doing 3  Ultramarathons this year: Spring’s 80km trail (2800m altitude change), a 60km trail (hilly) one for training and in the end of October 125km trail (flat).

I just finished my first month back into training and my long runs are up to 35km by now. My heart rate and pace is back to something that I feel as normal. I got weekly yoga and strength sessions planned in and they are actually happening. My runs are back to being joyful, strong and giving me a sense of freedom and independence. I do 7-8 sessions of exercise a week, including one day rest and slowly body and mind are getting focused again.

Enjoy your running!


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