Self-Transcendence 50km Race

...'round and 'round you go.
50km in 22 identical laps in the park. 33 degrees and a start at 
mid day. 

This type of lap races has been on my radar for ages. The beauty being
in the simplicity of having nothing else to do than to run. Round and 
round. No route to focus on, nothing to carry and not much to wear 
than what's needed for an unusually hot day (aka as little as possible).

This time round the main question I got is probably 'why' one would
do a race like this. 'Why' does it have to be a lap race? Or
'nutter-race', as I would like to call it. Well, my curiosity and
interest was primarily in what happens to the mind, when you don't 
even have to focus much anymore on your running.

It was so far my shortest Ultramarathon race & at least in theory the 
distance should not be the challenge. A good way to be able to focus 
on the mind. Days before the race I did not feel physically that 
strong. The day before the race I had serious doubts, why I had ever 
signed up for smth like this at all...(not very helpful for a race
that I knew would be all 'mind over matter').
Two comments helped me a lot and really inspired me at that moment:

1. Remember why you signed up in the first place. What was your
motivation at that moment & why did you so want to do it.

2. You don't need to proof anything to anyone. Also not to yourself 
(a lot more difficult I find!). No one else signed up for this one,
so just the reason that you even want to do it is already impressive.

Thank you to a dear running friend, that helped me putting things
into perspective. Grateful from my heart.

I tried to keep my mind as one-focused as possible whilst running. 
To not let it drift off too much, to not let it be busy with overanalysing
that running in laps could be boring.  Due to the heat
I was also very conscious (busy with) of my hydration & also used 
the end of every lap to decide what to drink this time, if to use 
the sponges to cool down or grab a snack.
Apart from that I ran entirely focused on heart rate instead of pace,
to push myself within a zone that is challenging, yet still enables me
to drink/eat and one that I can hold for many hours.
And whenever I was not running with someone or had brief chats whilst
some of the runners overtook me, I focused solely on my breath and to 
keep it relaxed and in the rhythm of my steps...

Incredibly grateful for the experience. Very thankful for the support
of amazing friends who knew exactly how to help & support towards the 
end when it got very hot and I had to dig pretty deep.

Super enjoyable experience of mind over body. Let mind be king . 


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