PhD & Ultramarathons

It took quite a while of running, to see the sports compatibility and it’s so to say ‘translatable skills’. Or maybe I should not say ‘it took a while’, but rather ‘it took many runs’. So also the idea for todays post was born during a 20km run last week. The PhD Ultra: For both […]

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whistle hustle

Running in the dark. In flashes of light you notice your legs in their shorts turned red. Maybe it’s  cold but you don’t feel it as long as you move. Run. Slowly the tension starts to be released… decreased. Try to keep my gait as light as possible, not to disturb myself through the noise […]

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Friday runspiration

…although my friends might think I am crazy about running, they know that it’s generally always a better idea for me to actually go for a run. Or as one friend said the other day: ” you got such different energy on days you went running”- yep- that’s how it feels for me too 😉 […]

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Beautiful north Devon

What better way is there, once you get 3 days off in a row to head out of town to the beautiful British coastline…. Spent my time running and walking and getting inspiration for a longer trip this winter where I am planning on doing the same- running & walking. But more about that soon…. […]

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