Mind over matter

As I have been lucky and clearly more running than blogging…the last couple of weeks revue in one post: How many weeks to go? 7 maybe? I really enjoy planning, so the perfect plan was ahead: Weekend off, Saturday about 30km trail running in the Southdowns, hills and all, out in the country. What a […]

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Time for the review- 2014

It is that time of the year again… time for a little ‘sports review’ Only started using Strava in summer, so it’s almost hard to remember what happened in spring. Spring: In January I started training my friend for her first 10km in March. I used this time to get my Vibrams out once more. […]

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whistle hustle

Running in the dark. In flashes of light you notice your legs in their shorts turned red. Maybe it’s  cold but you don’t feel it as long as you move. Run. Slowly the tension starts to be released… decreased. Try to keep my gait as light as possible, not to disturb myself through the noise […]

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Maybe some of you remember- I mentioned Rolfing a couple of posts back. By now I am done and went through 10 sessions with my friend and therapist Luke. It transformed my running style and helped me a lot in achieving a better awareness, that’s why I would like to promote it for all runners […]

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A running addicts confession

After all those races in September & October I had to take it a little easy as my Achilles clearly  did enjoy them less than myself… When your Achilles is red and swollen and hurts when walking, it’s relatively easy to acknowledge that rest is the best antidote. It was actually so uncomfortable that I did not even feel like running […]

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I just wanted to share a wonderful little event with you I attended last night… I was lucky to get a ticket through a Facebook ultra running group I joined to meet other bonkers-runners out there before I start training for my first 100km run next spring. Of course the movies were inspiring, the crowd […]

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