First timers, try out, adventures, dreams DNF’s to learn from…


2000-2010 happily running without any races

10km Race for Life, London, (0:58h)

Halfmarathon (2:18h)

Royal Parks Halfmarathon (2:06h)

Copenhagen Marathon (4:43h)
Women’s running 10k London (51:55)
Royal Parks Halfmarathon (01:58)
Charity Run, 1km loops, 35km (3:43)
November 2013 Bangkok Halfmarathon (2:06)
Cambodia, solo unsupported run, 2 days, 60km

February: Brighton Halfmarathon (01:57)
March: London Richmond Riverside 10km (first race in Merel barefoot shoes)
September: Berlin Marathon, 4:29h
October: Royal Parks Halfmarathon, London (1:57)
October: Amsterdam Halfmarathon (1:57)

April: London Marathon, 4:14:20
May: 100km London to Brighton, 15:40
October: Amsterdam Marathon (4:10:00)

January: Amsterdam 10km (Coaching)

April: 80km Trail Ultramarathon, Netherlands, 13h

October: 60km Berg en Daal, 7:45

October 125k, Netherlands, DNF (at 65km)

October: 5km coaching
October: 125km Indian Summer Trail, DNF (did 64km)


January 10km coaching

185km, 5 stages trail around Menorca

May, 50km in 2.5km laps

autumn 60km trail race


4 thoughts on “Races

  1. I’m also thinking more and more about running over the marathon distance. Also thinking to move from road to off-road. Uhi. The idea London-Brighton sounds great! Looking forward to read about it!

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